If you have small children, you understand perfectly well that hysteria is a normal phenomenon in the early stages of child development. And far from always you can do something with them. The only thing that will help in such a situation is to calm down. That’s just how?

When the child screams, it is useless to be indignant. But often it is very difficult for us to remain calm when the children fall into hysteria, because we dared to say no in response to their requirement.

Studies have shown that most parents suffer from a chronic lack of sleep in the first 6 years of the child’s life. And when you get tired and do not get enough sleep, it is difficult to stay patient. And here meditation will help us. Yes, this is not a panacea, but the effectiveness of conscious meditation in the fight against anxiety and stress is proved by science.

These 4 techniques are perfect for tired and exhausted parents who do not have enough time for anything.

1. Five -minute directed meditation

“It is advisable to practice conscious meditation regularly, and not just in crisis moments. This will help to learn how to constantly remain calm and stability, ”says the psychotherapist Schonde moralis. – It is best to meditate in the morning, immediately after waking up, but this option is not suitable for everyone – many parents are used to waking up, get up and do business immediately. In this case, choose a five -minute “window” for meditation during the day, ”she recommends.

Directed meditation due to its simplicity are especially suitable for beginners. Shonda Moralis promises – you will feel the first results in a week. And after a couple of months, regular meditation will become a habit.

2. Snap method – when you need to urgently calm down and recover

If you need to return self -control in the midst of hysteria, moralis recommends Snap technique.

She turns on four steps:

3. “Reloading of breathing”

“If the situation allows, close your eyes and focus on what is currently annoying. Then take a deep breath for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds and inhale for 4 seconds again, ”says Suze Yalof Schwartz, creator and head of the Unplug Meditation training center.

This technique makes it possible to break the usual template and switch attention: we cannot think about what annoys us when we are focused on breathing.

4. Strong hugs

Schonda Moralis recommends the exercise “Hug and three breaths”, which became popular thanks to Zen-Buddhist monk Thrash Nyat Khanyu. This technique is very simple: you and your child hug each other tightly and at the same time make three deep breaths and exhalations.

“Such an exercise in the midst of children’s hysteria helps to calm down a lot. But it can be done just like that, without any reason, it brings it very close and like it. Once, when it was hard for me, my child himself offered to go to another room


, to hug and breathe together, ”says moralis.

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